Spanish word for reverent


1          feeling or showing deep and solemn respect and admiration

Reverente was founded in 2018 by architect and photographer Oriana Gómez-Zerpa as a way to marry her passion for photography to her initial and eternal passion for architecture, and to find exciting ways to portray buildings and their relationship with people and the environment in which they are placed.


The work in Reverente shows a still-life that seems alive yet sterilized, that keeps a dialogue with nature and with us humans in a lavish way. Reverente also aims to portray and showcase the human being in a daunting interaction with the most grandiose artistic expression made by them, architecture.


Reverente believes in the living spirit of architecture, people and nature, in constant transformation; capturing places that evoke life (in a very pure way), scenes that transport to other possible realities, turning the images into a story beyond what is captured by the lens of the camera.

If you want to know more or book for a shoot, please send us an email!


© 2018 REVERENTE by Oriana Gómez-Zerpa

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